On 17th October, at Aver-o-Mar School, the Health Club held an activity called “Colourful Sandwiches” to commemorate World Food Day. Its aims were to help raise awareness of the importance of knowing how to eat in a balanced and varied way; to teach the school community how to consume healthy food; to raise awareness of the benefits of vegetables and to create a dynamic that allows students to experiment, discover and adopt healthier eating behaviours.

The activity consisted of making cheese, ham and tuna sandwiches to which lettuce, tomatoes and carrots were added

For this activity we had the invaluable help of FÁBRICA DE CONSERVAS A POVEIRA and two of the parents of the 9th A students, Guilherme Santos and Matilde Salgado. The school, the Health Club and the entire educational community would like to thank them for their generous support

The Health Club relied on the active and committed collaboration of the 9th A class.

As in previous years, this activity was very successful and our students said that making this type of sandwich should happen more often throughout the year.

To celebrate World Food Day on 20 October, the Health Club organised two workshops for teachers (9.50am-3rd grade; 10.45am-2nd grade) on “Oat muffins with blueberries/apple/chocolate”, with the aim of sharing a simple and healthy recipe, taking advantage of the opportunity to provide a healthy atmosphere for socialising.


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