It will be on the 10th that 159 students from the Aver-o-Mar School Grouping will be on the stage of Garrett Cineteatro, for a night of recognition of merit.

The Porto Metropolitan Police Command Music Band will be responsible for the opening of the event completely overcrowded which will be marked by the delivery of individual and collective awards, in a total of nearly two hundred diplomas, of the four categories of the Merit and Excellence Board of School : School Excellence Award, Overcoming Difficulties Award, Solidarity and Citizenship Award and Competition Award.


The Police Music Band, which for the first time performs here, will return to Póvoa de Varzim on the 13th of June, for the Grouping’s Multicultural Festival. It was founded in the year 1936, working at first as a Charanga, having performed its first public concert in the Crystal Palace – Porto, in 1940. In the beginning, it was also intended to collaborate in the raising and hoisting of the National Flag, in the Porto Command Building, on Sundays and Holidays and, daily, in the changing of the Guard.


Afterwards, it also took part in several festivities, from the north to the south of the country, in a partnership with its partners, from the GNR-Porto Band to the most important Philharmonic Bands of the time, and took part in several musical contests, having even travelled to Spain where, in 2002, it took part in the Music Bands Festival of Boqueixón.


Nowadays, the Band has 30 elements and ensures the musical framework in solemn police acts and the execution of concerts or other musical interventions of cultural nature. It works together with the local communities it regularly serves, namely in didactic concerts in Schools and Kindergartens.


Since its foundation it has been conducted by illustrious conductors, such as: – Police Station Chief João da Costa Baltazar, Police Station Chief José Alves Gomes, Lieutenant Hipólito Antunes Gomes, Deputy Chief Assistant Sebastião Ferreira, Captain Carlos Soares de Oliveira, Major José de Oliveira Rebelo, Captain José Custódio Gonçalves, Deputy Sergeant Manuel de Abreu Neto and, nowadays, by the Head Chief Albino José Maia Teixeira”.

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