School Media Contest of “Escola da Minha Vida” Project

The students of the Aver-o-Mar Schools Grouping took part in another edition of the Multimedia Contest of the “Escola da Minha Vida” Project .


In the 1st stage of work selection, carried out at school, the following students were chosen as finalists:

A Level (2nd cycle) – e-Presentation

The pollution – Eva Silva, Joana Lima, Sofia Oliveira (6thA)

The School Model – Margarida Matias (6ºB)

Walt Disney – Sara Cortesão (6ºE)


B Level (3rd cycle) – Video/animation

You are not alone! – Hugo Lopes Mota (7th B)

The Wolf and the Horse – Inês Novo da Silva (7thD)

A Christmas Dream – Camila Viana Frasco (7thE)


In the 2nd stage of work selection, the jury assigned by the Organisation examined the works in competition and awarded prizes to the three best ones in each category. Out of the 6 possible prizes, our students were selected to win 4 prizes:


A Level (2nd cycle) – e-Presentation

No 1 ranked work and students: The School Scale Model – Margarida Matias (6ºB)

No 3 ranked work and students : The Pollution – Eva Silva, Joana Lima, Sofia Oliveira (6ºA)


B Level (3rd cycle) – Video/animation

First place: You are not alone! – Hugo Lopes Mota (7th B)

Second place: O Lobo e o Cavalo – Inês Novo da Silva (7thD)

You can access all the Aver-o-Mar School finalists’ works.


To all the students whose relenteless work led them and our School to success a great:

Thank You!

By David Pires
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