National Marine Aquarium Guided Virtual Tour

Within the Blue Schools project, a virtual guided tour to the largest aquarium in the United Kingdom, the National Marine Aquarium, took place exclusively for the Aver-o-Mar Primary School. This aquarium is located in the city of Plymouth, Great Britain and is deeply connected to the issue of education and awareness of young people for the conservation of the oceans.

On May 2nd, one of the guides from the National Marine Aquarium led the 7thA and 7thC classes on a journey of discovery of the marine species that live there and helped us to better understand their connection to the marine environment.

It was a unique moment in which students actively participated in the given challenges and asked their questions. This activity, organised by the Blue Schools Project coordinator, Graça Pinheiro, in collaboration with the English teachers, Fátima Cunha and Filipa Pereira, enhanced the Ocean Literacy and the development of communication and critical thinking in English.

Only with an informed society about the impacts that our actions on land have upon the ocean is it possible to promote the development of sustainable behaviours.

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