Aver-o-Mar school awarded with HEALTHY SCHOOL LABEL 2023/25

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At the beginning of a new school year, it was with great pleasure that our Aver-o-Mar School Group received the news on 21 September that one Primary School “was the winner of the Healthy School Label 2023/25”, thus renewing a distinction it had already held since 2021.


The application for this Label is based on health inclusion practices, including actions associated with the prevention of all forms of violence, healthy eating and food choices, affective-sexual behaviour, as well as actions that address issues such as the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, illicit psychoactive substances and the use of screens, dating violence, gender identity, sexual orientation, without neglecting the practice of physical activity and the fight against all forms of bullying and cyberbullying.


The project assesses the school’s wellbeing policies, its physical and social environment, health competences and the health of teaching and non-teaching staff (literacy and wellbeing), as well as community ties.


Excerpt from the email received on 21.09.2023 from the Directorate-Gener


“Respected  Principal


Accept my best wishes first of all

The work that your school has been doing under your leadership has once again paid off! We are pleased to inform you that your school has won the Healthy School Label 2023/25.


SCHOOL MATERIALS: you’ll find everything you need in your school stationery shop!

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As in previous years, the Aver-o-Mar School Group’s stationery shop, located in the main school, has a wide variety of materials at low prices, considering that the school’s aim is to provide a service that responds to students’ everyday needs, depending on the subjects they will be attending.

In addition to the usual and common material at the beginning of the year, there will be specific material for some subjects, and the school has the capacity to respond to this, always at very interesting prices, as can be seen in the current price list (see final link).

In this sense, we would like to urge you to use the service available to the school’s students, from any year of schooling, as the school has a CAE-Education, which means that expenses incurred here are automatically reported to the tax office for IRS purposes as Education.

See the current price list:

Stationery price list 09.2023


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To benefit from free textbooks, parents must register at or through the Edu Rede Escolar app (Android, iOS).

As you log in for the first time, you will need to confirm your Tax Identification Number (TIN), and you must have your access data to the Finance Gateway in order to validate it.

If they do not have the data, they must request it through the Finance Gateway.


From the free textbooks platform, parents will have access to their child’s school data,

as well as the vouchers corresponding to the respective textbooks and the list of participating bookshops where they can be picked up.

If you are unable to see your child(ren), please check with the school that the class lists have been published and that you are registered at the school as a parent or guardian and your TIN is correctly inserted.


If you cannot see the vouchers, they are not yet available. You will receive an email notification as soon as they are available.


In order to collect the textbooks, you will need to print the vouchers or present them in digital format. If you are unable to access the internet, the parent or guardian should go to the school where their child is enrolled and request the paper vouchers.

For more information, please consult the FAQ.

Access to the platform: MEGA – Free School Textbooks

Date of issue of vouchers:

From the 31st of July the issuance of vouchers for 1st cycle and 9th grade students will start.

From the 7th of August, vouchers will be issued to 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

From the 11th of August, vouchers will be issued to students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades and other training offers.

Access to participating bookshops will be available from 10 July.

Access for parents will be available from 17th July on.


The list of textbooks adopted can be accessed on the “Students


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Taking into account the latest guidelines received from DGEStE, attached, the procedures initially defined for enrolment in the subject of Moral and Religious Education have been changed, so that the automatic renewal of the subject is no longer made.


Thus, those who did not use the enrolment renewal platform must, for enrolment purposes, complete the attached declaration, which must be delivered to the administrative services, duly completed and signed, or sent via email to Those who have already used the enrolment portal will not need to do anything, as this option will have already been made.


Documents must be submitted by 21 August 2023, due to timetabling. Enrolment at a later date will be subject to the existence of a vacancy.







Aver-o-Mar Grouping’s Eco-Code Poster awarded!

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It is true that classes are over and that, before thinking about the next school year, we are getting some rest and recharging our batteries to face a new year, but we have to take a break  to let you know about another award for our school group!

That’s right, this time, with everyone’s help, we achieved the worthy 3rd place, at national level, in the Eco-Code Facebook Poster competition | Eco-Schools Virtual Community 2022/23, with only 10 votes less than the 1st place. Although we didn’t get the first place, it was a brilliant result that encourages us to carry on working in the next school year to beat this result.

The Eco-Schools coordinators would like to thank everyone for their commitment to promoting the group’s Poster and for the result achieved, but especially the student who created the poster, the 7th grader Diogo Moreira, from class E and the teacher Érica Fernandes who encouraged and motivated her students to participate.

In the upcoming school year, be aware that our Eco-Code Poster will be scattered throughout our school and you can take the time to follow all the advice it conveys.

Happy holidays and see you soon!!!

2023-2024 CLASSES

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It is hereby informed that the classes for the school year 2023-2024 are displayed in the usual places.

Regarding the main school of the Grouping, where all the classes are located, of all grades, including Pre-school Education, the data are displayed in block B, and can be consulted during the normal opening hours of the school, in this summer period: 8.00 am / 6.00 pm.

Please note that the main school will be closed to the public between 14 and 18 August, and no work will be carried out during this period. At this time, and until September, the 1st cycle and JI schools are closed.


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“The City Council of Póvoa de Varzim, in partnership with the Training Centre of the AE of PV/VC and the AE/ES of the county, will carry out, on September 7, at the Cine-Teatro Garrett, the 5th Edition of the EDUCATIONAL DAY, this time on the theme “SCHOOL, A COMMUNITY OF WELL-BEING”.


This event is intended to be a place where researchers, academics, education professionals and other educational agents can exchange experiences and reflect on ideas and approaches for an Inclusive School that values and respects diversity in all its forms, that promotes a safe, healthy and welcoming environment, where everyone feels happy and belongs to the school community; a school that fosters open dialogue and respect among all agents of the school community, enhancing the building of healthy relationships and a climate of trust and collaboration; a school that fosters mental and emotional health, developing dynamics that help students and professionals to deal with their emotions and face everyday challenges.


Registration is free but mandatory and subject to space capacity (can be done directly on the poster, using the tabs “Teachers” or “General Public” (to access the link) or through the QR Code).


PDF poster (with registration link)::A3 Poster Educational Days 2023


Programme: Educational Days Programme

Erasmus+ AE Aver-o-Mar Journeys

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On the morning of the 20th of July, between 9 am and 12 noon, the first Erasmus+ Seminar took place in the AE of Aver-o-Mar, promoted by the Erasmus+ team, with project coordinator Marta Antunes as moderator.

With an enriching program, the morning became a space for conversation and sharing of various experiences in the Erasmus+ program and, for this purpose, it was worth the contribution of some schools in the municipality of Póvoa de Varzim, CFAE Póvoa de Varzim/Vila do Conde and the opinion of teachers and students involved in several Key Actions of the program.

The seminar began with the intervention of the sub-director of the Grouping, Helena Costa, who, in addition to recognizing the importance of Erasmus+ projects in the dynamics of schools, also focused on the challenges that arise in the scope of managing the human resources involved in them.

The president of CAFAE Póvoa de Varzim/Vila do Conde, Luís Fernandes, directed his intervention to the importance of Erasmus+ projects in teacher training. During his intervention, he publicized the Erasmus+ project starting this year, Continue Up, which involves the center and the School Education Gateway, among other partners, and whose focus is intervention in the initial and continuous training of teachers. The Aver-o-Mar School Group will be one of the associated partners in this innovative project in the field of training.

In municipal terms, Rocha Peixoto Secondary School, Cego do Maio School Grouping and Rates School Grouping were present, respectively through the voice of Albina Maia, Ana Cristina Ribeiro and Anabela Aguiar, who shared their projects, potentialities, constraints and challenges, within the scope of Key Actions 1 and 2 of the Erasmus+ programme.

After a short break, the Erasmus+ team from Aver-O-Mar intervened presenting the results of the Erasmus+ project “Teaching and Learning Towards an Inclusive, Digital and Sustainable World”. Fátima Morais represented the teaching view of this work experience, while the Social Action technician Andreia Teixeira the social gaze, of those who participated in mobilities, under a jobshadowing regime, in three different moments, namely, Turkey, Slovenia and Italy. Through their intervention, it was possible for those present to better understand what this type of mobility consists of, the professional advantages it offers, as well as their experience in the schools of the countries that welcomed them. They highlighted the good practices observed in the classroom, the practices and responses in the social, cultural, digital and environmental domain that are developed in partner institutions, the bonds that were promoted between professionals, issues related to communication, and others. This was a training reality that took place for the first time at AE Aver-O-Mar but which we hope can happen again involving more teaching and non-teaching staff.

It was time to give voice to the students, and accompanying teachers, about the experience and the impact that these projects had on their personal and academic lives. Everyone was unanimous in what a memory for life will be like: because they traveled abroad for the first time, established new friendships, left their comfort zone, applied academic knowledge such as communicating in English and other, learned about new cultures, habits and customs. It was certainly a highlight of this morning for sharing good practices.

Finally, the vision that the partners have about our Grouping, as a host, the work developed in partnership and the lessons learned was presented. Through recordings of testimonies, partner teachers and students left their gaze on Aver-O-Mar. We are happy to know that they felt satisfied and fulfilled with the reception and the pedagogical and cultural programs that they experienced in our country, that is, in our school.

The seminar ended with the intervention of the President of the Parents Association, Carlos Pinheiro, who congratulated the AE’s initiative in participating in this European program; the president of the General Council of the group who highlighted the added value that the projects represent for the academic development of the students, as well as for their personal growth as citizens of a global Europe, and also for the professional updating of the teaching and technical staff; finally, the Vice-President of Póvoa de Varzim City Council, Dr Luís Diamantino, congratulated the Group for the initiative of organizing this seminar, for its action in favor of the internationalization of educational practices and for the commitment of its professionals; he also highlighted the groupings present for their work, highlighting the impact that their action has been having on students, the schools and the community in general.

This was certainly a fruitful morning, extended to the county community, which boosted the dissemination of innovative practices, European-level dynamics whose main objective is to improve teaching and learning in the municipality of Póvoa de Varzim.


The Erasmus+ group of AE Aver-O-Mar


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The School Grouping of Aver-o-Mar is once again in the spotlight, this time at the 5th Edition of the MILAGE Awards, a ceremony included in the VII International Conference on Mobile Learning in the MILAGE Project – “The Challenges of 21st Century Education”, held in Sesimbra, where the national awards were presented.

Thus, yesterday, 13th July, at the VI Milage Aprender + International Conference, student Diogo José Nunes dos Santos, from 9th F was awarded the prizes of 1st national classified 9th Year Spanish MILAGE APRENDER +, in the school year 2022/2023, in the subject of Spanish, and 1st National Classified in the subject of Spanish, distinctions delivered by the Minister of Education,  João Costa.

Congratulations Diogo, twice champion, for your extraordinary journey and learning using the Milage Learn+ platform. representing our School Grouping!

We would also like to congratulate the other students of the class, who were classified in the National TOP 10, namely: Ricardo Morim (5th place), Ana Ferreira (7th place) and Luiza Tinoco (9th place).

Thanks also to the president of APPELE, León Acosta, for his presence at the awards and the possibility of partnering with TTCs to enable future training in this application.

To find out more about the awards, this project and the free app for teachers and students, please do visit: Milage Aprender+.


Spanish Teacher, Filipa Pereira


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Although the information has already been generally disclosed and specifically through the class directors for each of the grades, we now disclose guidelines for the return of textbooks and other end-of-year procedures.


You may choose in the attachments below, according to the school year attended, the corresponding information.


We would appreciate everyone’s collaboration so that the planned activities take place regularly and at the recommended timetable.