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1st Inter-Schools Tournament 23-24: BADMINTON SCHOOLS GROUP PÓVOA DE VARZIM 2

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It took place at Aver-o-Mar Primary School on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 January.

Classes: children A and B, male and female; beginners, male and female.

Schools present:   Beiriz  School, Averomar  School and Cego do Maio  School.

Participants: 23 male and 19 female athletes.

Picture 1 – A day full of energy, movement, perspiration, animation and … socialising!

Everyone put in a lot of effort, playing “best of 3” sets, with draws and tie-breaks ensuing.


This sport is already a tradition in this school, always based on excellent results.

Congratulations once again!

Next Inter-Schools match (the 2nd for Children A and B and Beginners) → 21st February at Aver-o-Mar  School.

The good level of quality this year 2023-24 leads us to predict, once again, excellent results in the District Finals next May.

Our P. Varzim 2 School Group has dominated this level in the Porto District in recent years, so let’s wait and see what happens this year!

6th Badminton Portuguese Federation North ShuttleTime 23

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It took place at the Abragão Sports Pavilion in Penafiel throughout the day on 25 November.

Classes: Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19.

Clubs and schools present:   “Ass. Desp. Rumo ao Futuro de Fafe”, Invicta Badminton Club, Braga Sporting Club, Oliveira de Frades Badminton Club, Aver-o-Mar School, Gaia Badminton Fan Club and Campo Secondary School, Valongo.

Participants: 44 male athletes and 25 female athletes.


Under 11 Men’s Singles – 1st place Adriano Junior (5ºC)

Under 11 Singular Female – 3rd place Adriano Rita Gomes (5ºC)

Sub 13 Singular Female – 1st place Letícia Rigor (6ºF)

Under 13 Men’s Singles – 3rd place David Silva (6ºF).

For the youngsters it was their first competition outside their school and their first with opponents from other clubs and schools. The first difficulties and some weeping and gnashing of teeth; a lot of sweat and tired legs, due to the constant movement required in what is the fastest racquet sport in the world; a healthy spirit of tranquillity and great socialising among all the participants; although we are still at the beginning, we have been evolving very positively in the techniques we have already learnt – Long Service, Clear, Backhand and Short Service. New strokes will now be introduced – Lob, Remate, Amortie, Drive… New weapons to diversify the fight on the court.

For the older players, who have been playing the sport for a year, it’s another moment of technical and tactical “fine-tuning”; taking part in these tournaments organised by the Portuguese Badminton Federation allows them to gain an insight into the game and a whole new competitive rhythm.

2nd Inter-Schools Tournament 22-23: Póvoa de Varzim Schools Group 2 Badminton

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The 2nd Inter-Schools Tournament 22-23 took place in the morning of the 29th April, at  Rates School.

Age Group: Children A and B, Male and Female.

Schools involved:   Beiriz School, Aver-o-Mar School, Cego do Maio School and Rates School.

Participants: 29 male athletes and 19 female athletes.

The 2nd Inter-Schools Tournament 22-23 took place on the 29th April, at  Rates School.

An excellent cut-up day, full of animation, energy, socializing… and many good surprises!



This sport is still a tradition in this Grouping and the excellent results are recurrent year after year. This time there was even an overwhelming control over other schools, as can be seen by the results below!


Our students are unstoppable, with an excellent technical and tactic evolution. Likewise their motivation and passion for the sport is evident. They overcame themselves and reversed some results of the 1st round, leaving the others speechless.




Girls – A Female 1st place – Letícia Rigor (5ºF)

Boys – A Male 1st ranked player – David Silva (5ºF)

Girls –  B Female 1st and 3rd ranked players – Sofia Ferreira (6ºF), Gabriela Amorim (6ºF)

Boys 1st and 2nd ranked players – Afonso Almeida (6thD), Bekhruz Mammatkulov (6thB).


The highlight of the season is approaching: last day → Final CLDE Porto Boys and Girls A and B – 27th May at  Garcia de Orta SEcondary School in Porto.

The good quality level of this year 2022-23, allows us to predict great results in the Final District.  It is worth remembering that our Group of Schools P. Varzim 2, has been dominating this age group in the District of Porto, in the last few years!  We know, however, that we have respectable competitors in the Group of Schools of Vila do Conde (our athletes from Póvoa’s Sports Club). It will be, certainly, a fierce fight with the approach to the final stage of this round.


By Pedro Mattos