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The weather station at Agrupamento de Escolas de Aver-o-Mar, which is currently being run by the Robotics Club, a project resulting from an application from the Ciência Viva programme, has, as of today, been transmitting new data and also has new transmission platforms.

The work carried out, which has António Cunha as its driving force, proved to be unsuitable for the initial platform, as we already had data that the Weather Underground platform didn’t support, hence the need to look for other alternatives, and information is already being transmitted to PWS Weather.

Under the teacher’s guidance, 147 lines of embedded code were recorded for the ATMega 2560 elecronic circuit, 168 lines of python for the interface between the microcontroller and the Weather Underground and PWS Weather platforms, with the new data being transmitted in real time: rainfall, wind, pressure, total daily, monthly and annual rainfall. All the sensors communicate via OneWire and i2c protocols, some analogue and others simple digital.


The station, installed in the Clubs area, is connected to 2 real-time rain gauges, 1 wind speed sensor, 1 outdoor humidity and temperature sensor (AM2301) and a Bosch BMP280 pressure sensor. Since both the 2 rain gauges and the BMP280 sensor use i2c, they are each being addressed individually only at their transmission address, on the same bus, so it was necessary to calculate the addresses in 7-bit precision, an extra job that allows us to use a total of 128 sensors. In more technical terms, for example, the atmospheric pressure sensor is at address 0x77, while the rain gauges are respectively at 0x7d and 0x7b, code developed by the students.

It’s been very interesting to see the growing number of students getting involved in the activities and joining the Club, not least because the challenges don’t stop: creating working documentation in a multilingual version, so as to contribute to inclusion practices in the school, and the development of a logo for the station, or even a mascot, are also on the horizon, as well as challenges that will make us surf much bigger waves!

The application can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, which is why we recommend installing it. Please note that you need to select the type of degree in which you want to view it when you enter the menu (choose “celcius” for WU or “metric” for PWS) and select the location [Aver-o-Mar]: PWSWeather – Bring Your Weather to Life.

You can also access the station’s data from the menu on the school’s website, in the top right-hand corner. It’s a source of great pride for the community to see the name of the school, the town and the city being taken around the world, as these projects and platforms are of international calibre!

Congratulations to everyone involved!

We share some records of the PWS platform’s programming and panel activities

1st Shuttletime Badminton

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1st Shuttletime Badminton


It took place at the Abragão Municipal Pavilion in Penafiel on the morning and afternoon of February 3rd.

Classes: U13, U15, U17 and U19.

Clubs and schools present:   Ass. Desp. Rec. de Fafe, Invicta Badminton Club, Esc. Ant. Correia de Oliveira, Clube de Badminton de Oliv. Frades, Esc. Bás. de Averomar, Clube de Fãs do Badminton de Gaia and Esc. Sec. de Campo Valongo.

Participants: 30 male athletes and 22 female athletes.

Some tips:

for the younger players:

It was their second competition outside their school and at the same time the second time they faced opponents from federated clubs (Portuguese Badminton Federation) and from other school groups outside the municipality of Poveiro,

These first matches are always difficult, as they will be meeting students who are older and more experienced. A lot of anxiety and nervousness, some weeping and gnashing of teeth, are all part of the learning process,

As they develop in their technical skills and vision of the game, they will close the gap with those who are more capable or who started earlier,


A lot of refereeing, to learn to concentrate, to understand what it means to be fair and impartial, to get to know your sport better,

Sore shoulders and arms due to the repetition of certain gestures, a lot of sweat and tired legs due to the constant movement are usual in what is the fastest racket sport in the world,

All in a spirit of conviviality and respect among all the participants.

Photo 5 – Diogo Simão (6th grade)

We are already beginning to feel the evolution in the techniques we are learning – Long Service, Clear, Backhand and Short Service.

New types of hitting are also being introduced – Lob, Remate, Amortie…

These will be new “weapons” for dealing better and more productively with the “fight” on the court.

For the older ones:

With one year in the sport, there is already the capacity to access medals – and look here what medals.

This is yet another moment of technical and tactical “fine-tuning”, in an ongoing process to gain a new game intelligence and a whole new competitive rhythm.

Next match ShuttleTime → 09 March, Dr. Francisco Sanches School, Braga.

1st Inter-Schools Tournament 23-24: BADMINTON SCHOOLS GROUP PÓVOA DE VARZIM 2

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It took place at Aver-o-Mar Primary School on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 January.

Classes: children A and B, male and female; beginners, male and female.

Schools present:   Beiriz  School, Averomar  School and Cego do Maio  School.

Participants: 23 male and 19 female athletes.

Picture 1 – A day full of energy, movement, perspiration, animation and … socialising!

Everyone put in a lot of effort, playing “best of 3” sets, with draws and tie-breaks ensuing.


This sport is already a tradition in this school, always based on excellent results.

Congratulations once again!

Next Inter-Schools match (the 2nd for Children A and B and Beginners) → 21st February at Aver-o-Mar  School.

The good level of quality this year 2023-24 leads us to predict, once again, excellent results in the District Finals next May.

Our P. Varzim 2 School Group has dominated this level in the Porto District in recent years, so let’s wait and see what happens this year!

6th Badminton Portuguese Federation North ShuttleTime 23

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It took place at the Abragão Sports Pavilion in Penafiel throughout the day on 25 November.

Classes: Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19.

Clubs and schools present:   “Ass. Desp. Rumo ao Futuro de Fafe”, Invicta Badminton Club, Braga Sporting Club, Oliveira de Frades Badminton Club, Aver-o-Mar School, Gaia Badminton Fan Club and Campo Secondary School, Valongo.

Participants: 44 male athletes and 25 female athletes.


Under 11 Men’s Singles – 1st place Adriano Junior (5ºC)

Under 11 Singular Female – 3rd place Adriano Rita Gomes (5ºC)

Sub 13 Singular Female – 1st place Letícia Rigor (6ºF)

Under 13 Men’s Singles – 3rd place David Silva (6ºF).

For the youngsters it was their first competition outside their school and their first with opponents from other clubs and schools. The first difficulties and some weeping and gnashing of teeth; a lot of sweat and tired legs, due to the constant movement required in what is the fastest racquet sport in the world; a healthy spirit of tranquillity and great socialising among all the participants; although we are still at the beginning, we have been evolving very positively in the techniques we have already learnt – Long Service, Clear, Backhand and Short Service. New strokes will now be introduced – Lob, Remate, Amortie, Drive… New weapons to diversify the fight on the court.

For the older players, who have been playing the sport for a year, it’s another moment of technical and tactical “fine-tuning”; taking part in these tournaments organised by the Portuguese Badminton Federation allows them to gain an insight into the game and a whole new competitive rhythm.

Students’ work on human rights

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As our students are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, they were asked, as part of their ODP course on the subject of human rights, to make a video based on a dramatisation or stop motion of one of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights.” using their technological resources.

(mobile phone, computer).

The video is made in the Art Club and aims to give free rein to the creator’s imagination.

In this video we see the enthusiasm of a student as she tells how she created her imaginary cat.  The student describes the materials used to give the cat its body and, at the end, her smile shows her satisfaction with the result of her work.

In the Art Club we value the student’s creativity, because Art is about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.


The book “Contributions to an Ubuntu School – the vision of Ubuntu School Directors” launch event

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A session to launch the book “Contributos para uma Escola Ubuntu – a visão de Diretores/as de Escolas Ubuntu” (Contributions to an Ubuntu School – the vision of Ubuntu School Headmasters) was held today in the school auditorium of the Aver-o-Mar School Group. The initiative was open to the educational community, and this action was represented nationwide, taking place simultaneously in more than thirty schools across the country.

The session, approved as an STC for teaching staff, was preceded by another moment open to the community, in this case the cleaning of the community greenhouse installed in the Aver-o-Mar EB, a moment that, according to the Ubuntu spirit, is considered to be the building of a bridge between different members of the community (see the post about this activity on the website).

The event, which was attended by around forty people from schools in Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde, started with a performance by Ubuntu Club students Ariana, Guilherme and Lucas, to illustrate that “whoever gives receives”, which was presented by the Headmaster, Carlos Gomes de Sá, who co-authored one of the chapters in the book. As a motto, a presentation was made by Dr Rui Marques, Director of IPAV/Academy of Ubuntu Leaders (the entity that publishes the book), followed by the co-presentation of the book, with a total of 252 pages, by other volunteer Ubuntu Educators: Andreia Teixeira, Olga Carvalho, Sandra Pinheiro and Susete Araújo, whom Headmaster Carlos Gomes de Sá expressed his thanks, not only for accepting the challenge, but also for their commitment and dedication to the presentation.

The chapters briefly covered include: The Role of the Ethic of Care; Building Bridges; The Vision of Server Leadership; Ubuntu and Citizenship Education; Ubuntu and PASEO and EcoUbuntu.

The foreword to the book, which gathers together contributions from more than 70 school leaders, states: “This book reflects not only windows of hope in the content it presents, but also in the process it has generated. The determination of the Ubuntu School Principals’ Council to have embraced this participatory process of co-constructing a shared vision of what the “Ubuntu School” could be is also a sign of hope. In this sense, it is important to acknowledge the initiative and support of the Directorate-General for Education for the development of this idea and the work that is being done on the basis of the “Ubuntu Schools” programme, an initiative of this body, developed by the Instituto Padre António Vieira and co-financed by POCH, through Portugal 2020 – European Social Fund. This plural contributory edition will be a true contribution to thinking about schools from the point of view of the Ubuntu philosophy and method. It is also important, in this context, to thank all those who took part in the working groups, in particular the coordinators for the excellent work they did and the remarkable contribution they made. Likewise, thanks are due to the project’s executive coordinator, Tânia Neves, and her team for their ongoing professionalism and competence.”

Using various slides and some additional films, including work produced by students from the Aver-o-Mar School Group, some of the ideas detailed in the book were shown, highlighting some of the many action strategies focused on the Ubuntu philosophy, with application in various contexts.  A book was offered to all the participants. The session was closed by the Vice-President of the Municipality of Póvoa de Varzim Luís Diamantino. He complimented the grouping on the work it has been doing in the community. The session ended with a call to be taken over by the municipality to take on the project associated with the Ubuntu Leaders Academies.

In addition to the paper version, the book is available in digital format at the following link:

Some recordings of the event.


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The Aver-o-Mar School Media Club and the curricular area Citizenship and Development have opened their doors to all students to take part in the European Youth Film Jury in partnership with the Portuguese Film Academy and the European Film Award since 2019.

After a training session with the project’s coordinator and vice-president of the Portuguese Film Academy, Carla Chambel, the students act as jury members for films directed by young people from the various countries that make up the European map. Over the years, the Young Audience Award (YAA) has grown under the umbrella of the European Film Club (EFC), a European film club created by young people who passed through the Young Audience Award and continued to want to see, debate and learn more about the richness of European cinema and its authors. This project now covers 12 to 19 year olds and aims to empower students in film literacy by allowing young people from all over the continent to come together to watch and discuss European films and share their own in a spirit of European citizenship. The films tell every conceivable human story, providing an insight into the lives of others, different cultures and what it means to be European.

The Portuguese Film Academy (PFA) continues to embrace this project of training young audiences and encouraging them to have the power to choose, debate and add their opinions and concerns, and once again our students took part.

To have a higher celebration, our 8th and 7th graders signed up together with young people from all over Europe to take part in various initiatives related to European cinema, fulfilling the international programme.

In the original group there is a Portuguese representative, 18-year-old Maria Bacelar, who has made it all the way through the YAA, as a jury member, reporter, Jury Speaker and her passion for cinema has taken her to Erfurt, Germany, in 2022, to be a presenter at the official YAA ceremony, alongside Emmerson, a colleague from the UK. To represent Póvoa de Varzim, Sara Cortesão, a 7th grade student from Aver-o-Mar School Group, was selected. She bravely travelled to Lisbon in the company of her parents to act as Jury Speaker on 5 November, along with her peers from the other countries, as she did last year. We are proud to thank Sara and her family for their commitment to this activity.


Well done, Sara!

The National Police Force promotes a session on “Bullying is for weaklings”

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On 16th October, as a result of the partnership between PSP-Safe School, the Health and Civil Protection Club and the Citizenship and Development Coordinator, all 8th grade students attended the session “Bullying is for weaklings”.

The involvement of the participating students and the positive impact that this initiative has on their lives and on the school environment itself stand out.

We can’t end without mentioning the importance of the ongoing work that has been done in recent years in our school to fight bullying and the extremely important participation of the Safe School Police Programme, whom we would like to thank for their availability and support.

We also note the award by the GED of School Without Bullying | School Without Violence” label  2023/24.


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On 17th October, at Aver-o-Mar School, the Health Club held an activity called “Colourful Sandwiches” to commemorate World Food Day. Its aims were to help raise awareness of the importance of knowing how to eat in a balanced and varied way; to teach the school community how to consume healthy food; to raise awareness of the benefits of vegetables and to create a dynamic that allows students to experiment, discover and adopt healthier eating behaviours.

The activity consisted of making cheese, ham and tuna sandwiches to which lettuce, tomatoes and carrots were added

For this activity we had the invaluable help of FÁBRICA DE CONSERVAS A POVEIRA and two of the parents of the 9th A students, Guilherme Santos and Matilde Salgado. The school, the Health Club and the entire educational community would like to thank them for their generous support

The Health Club relied on the active and committed collaboration of the 9th A class.

As in previous years, this activity was very successful and our students said that making this type of sandwich should happen more often throughout the year.

To celebrate World Food Day on 20 October, the Health Club organised two workshops for teachers (9.50am-3rd grade; 10.45am-2nd grade) on “Oat muffins with blueberries/apple/chocolate”, with the aim of sharing a simple and healthy recipe, taking advantage of the opportunity to provide a healthy atmosphere for socialising.


The Health Club

Health and Civil Protection Club: canteen access guidelines

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As the new school year gets underway, the Health and Civil Protection Club has restarted its usual lunchtime canteen support service.

During the first week of school, all the 5th graders attended an information session, organised by teacher Isabel Campos, where they were explained the dynamics of accessing and using the canteen. This session highlighted the regulations on circulation and cleanliness, as well as the calm and healthy atmosphere that this space is meant to provide, without disregarding healthy eating and the fight against food waste.

The canteen, in addition to the service provided by the employees of the company responsible for the meals, under the coordination of Mrs Silvana, has the daily attendance of teachers from the Health and Civil Protection Club, as well as operational assistants, who also help with queuing for service.