Aver-o-Mar school awarded with HEALTHY SCHOOL LABEL 2023/25

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At the beginning of a new school year, it was with great pleasure that our Aver-o-Mar School Group received the news on 21 September that one Primary School “was the winner of the Healthy School Label 2023/25”, thus renewing a distinction it had already held since 2021.


The application for this Label is based on health inclusion practices, including actions associated with the prevention of all forms of violence, healthy eating and food choices, affective-sexual behaviour, as well as actions that address issues such as the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, illicit psychoactive substances and the use of screens, dating violence, gender identity, sexual orientation, without neglecting the practice of physical activity and the fight against all forms of bullying and cyberbullying.


The project assesses the school’s wellbeing policies, its physical and social environment, health competences and the health of teaching and non-teaching staff (literacy and wellbeing), as well as community ties.


Excerpt from the email received on 21.09.2023 from the Directorate-Gener


“Respected  Principal


Accept my best wishes first of all

The work that your school has been doing under your leadership has once again paid off! We are pleased to inform you that your school has won the Healthy School Label 2023/25.


SCHOOL MATERIALS: you’ll find everything you need in your school stationery shop!

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As in previous years, the Aver-o-Mar School Group’s stationery shop, located in the main school, has a wide variety of materials at low prices, considering that the school’s aim is to provide a service that responds to students’ everyday needs, depending on the subjects they will be attending.

In addition to the usual and common material at the beginning of the year, there will be specific material for some subjects, and the school has the capacity to respond to this, always at very interesting prices, as can be seen in the current price list (see final link).

In this sense, we would like to urge you to use the service available to the school’s students, from any year of schooling, as the school has a CAE-Education, which means that expenses incurred here are automatically reported to the tax office for IRS purposes as Education.

See the current price list:

Stationery price list 09.2023


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The School Grouping of Aver-o-Mar is once again in the spotlight, this time at the 5th Edition of the MILAGE Awards, a ceremony included in the VII International Conference on Mobile Learning in the MILAGE Project – “The Challenges of 21st Century Education”, held in Sesimbra, where the national awards were presented.

Thus, yesterday, 13th July, at the VI Milage Aprender + International Conference, student Diogo José Nunes dos Santos, from 9th F was awarded the prizes of 1st national classified 9th Year Spanish MILAGE APRENDER +, in the school year 2022/2023, in the subject of Spanish, and 1st National Classified in the subject of Spanish, distinctions delivered by the Minister of Education,  João Costa.

Congratulations Diogo, twice champion, for your extraordinary journey and learning using the Milage Learn+ platform. representing our School Grouping!

We would also like to congratulate the other students of the class, who were classified in the National TOP 10, namely: Ricardo Morim (5th place), Ana Ferreira (7th place) and Luiza Tinoco (9th place).

Thanks also to the president of APPELE, León Acosta, for his presence at the awards and the possibility of partnering with TTCs to enable future training in this application.

To find out more about the awards, this project and the free app for teachers and students, please do visit: Milage Aprender+.


Spanish Teacher, Filipa Pereira


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Although the information has already been generally disclosed and specifically through the class directors for each of the grades, we now disclose guidelines for the return of textbooks and other end-of-year procedures.


You may choose in the attachments below, according to the school year attended, the corresponding information.


We would appreciate everyone’s collaboration so that the planned activities take place regularly and at the recommended timetable.

3rd Term Results – 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th graders

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The end-of-term results for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders are already available in Inovar Consulta.

The evaluation sheets are also displayed in the head school of the School Grouping, and we congratulate all the students, teachers, parents and guardians and all school staff for the successful journey this school year.

In general, we registered 4 students who failed. Two of these students in 5th grade, as well as the one in 7th grade, were held back due to late admission into the Portuguese school system.


For the classification review, the Administrative Rule no. 223-A/2018, of 3 August (article 37) is applied.

Renewals of enrollment, return of textbooks and computers

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Last April 17, we reported here on the calendar of enrollment and its renewal, for the subsequent years, highlighting, what remains to be done, the following:

– Between June 22 and June 28, for the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades;

– Between July 6 and July 10, for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades;

– Between July 15 and July 20, for year 10.


  1. Procedures

For the sake of administrative and procedural simplification, and as provided in the above-mentioned legislation, parents and guardians must make their requests for enrolment and/or renewal with school transfer online, on the School Enrolment Portal: Enrollment Platform.

Although the request for renewal of enrolment, by the parent or by the student, when older, should only be requested when there is a transfer of establishment, transition of cycle, change of parent or when it depends on the curricular option, it is recommended to be used by all students.

This recommendation aims to update all data/automatic access to proof of ASE/family allowance (those who do not use the portal, must submit proof of the social security level) and selection of EMRC (for those who want to enrol), but it is mandatory that the procedures are observed.


In new registrations, the data related to School Social Action (ASE ” subsidies) will be automatically imported from Social Security, when accessing the School Registration Portal; in situations of automatic renewal, the level will be maintained, updated when, in September, the data export is made, highlighting the Social Security values.


Access to the School Enrollment Portal: Portal das Matricículas (

  1. Pre-school and Primary School

Remembering that the lists of children who requested access to Kindergarten and 1st year registrations have already been published, we remind you that parents/students who need to enrol their children/students in the AAAF (Animation Activities for Family Support) service in Kindergarten or in the CAF (Lunch Service) in the 1st CEB, should fill in the attached form corresponding to the school category their children will attend;

After completing the form and attaching the documents mentioned therein, they should send it to the School Grouping via e-mail ( or hand it in on paper at the school office, when the first option is not feasible.

The completion of the forms is applicable to children/students who need to use the AAAF (Pre-School) or CAF (lunch service – 1st CEB) services and are attending kindergarten or 1st CEB for the first time, as well as for those who renew their enrolment;

Pre-School application form 2023-2024

1st Kindergarten Forms 2023-2024

See Point VII for the return of schoolbooks.

ENERGY UP First Prize

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The Aver-o-Mar School, the Main School of the Aver-o-Mar Grouping, was distinguished today, in Lisbon, at the Knowledge Pavilion, and among 65 candidates, with the 1st Prize of the Galp Energy Up Competition.

Taking part for the second time in this competition, and after having also been awarded the 1st place in last year’s edition, the School Grouping applied, in this third edition of this initiative, with the work developed mainly by the students of the Robotics Club, whose equipment was bought with last year’s prize (1000€), as well as with materials acquired in the scope of the Science Clubs functioning in the School Grouping, resulting from two projects of Ciência Viva.

The Apollo project, which owes its name to the god of light, is based on the construction, from scratch, of a weather station, completely built, programmed and assembled internally, with data available on the website and most of the components produced at school, on the placement of light sensors (in the future also noise sensors) in the classrooms, of various sensors in the greenhouse for process automation and to reduce watering costs (IoT) and on the adjustment of stand-alone kits to convert traditional bicycles into electric bicycles (under construction), as can be seen in the video we present at the end of this publication.

Congratulations to all involved, the students of the Robotics Club, the technician António Cunha, the Social Assistant Andreia Teixeira and the Municipality of Póvoa de Varzim for the support and transport (CKA)!

We are at the final of the Energy Up 2023 Award

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It is with great joy that we inform you that we have received an email from the organization of this national competition, which places us in the final of the Energy Up 2023 Award, the award ceremony of which will take place in Lisbon on 30th May.

This year’s application is based on the 1st prize already obtained last year, since the 1000€ won (education vouchers) were invested in the purchase of equipment for the Robotics Club and school materials. The project, which has the name Apollo, as god of light, was based on the creation of a weather forecast station, already operating in the Clubs’ space and with data to be worked on internally, as well as the creation and adaptation of a kit to make bicycles electric, as shown in the excerpt highlighted below.

Excerpt from the application:

The Aver-o-Mar School has always developed projects to raise the awareness of the school community to behaviour changes in the use of energy resources, in order to value sustainable mobility and sustainability, also associating itself to environmental preservation practices of various kinds.

In 2021/22, we register the Energy-Up Prize, the amount invested in equipment, in order to improve the resources available for these areas, having advanced towards the creation of a weather forecast station, initially focused on supporting the existing greenhouse at the school, but also designed to inform the local community.

(…) we are moving towards making real data on temperature, humidity, luminosity and wind available to the community, especially to local farmers. This information, made available on the School’s website, will also allow the use of these data by students of the 2nd and 3rd cycles, and even the 1st cycle, in different subjects.

The project, with a potential for further growth and the connection of new sensors, responding to challenges and the growing involvement of students, includes the installing of temperature and light quality monitoring sensors in classrooms to reduce energy consumption, always taking into account the use of sunlight and turning the heating on/off.

The measure started with a test room, in block B, measuring usage indicators: as an example, if the room is well lit, the sensor suggests turning off the artificial light and if it is within the thermal comfort range for humans, it suggests lowering the intensity or turning off the heating; if it is outside, it will turn on, only for the time needed to return to the thermal comfort range.

This procedure, it is intended, will be extended to all the blocks (phase II) and, at a later stage, to all the classrooms (phase III), the aim being, within three years, to have sensors installed in all the school spaces.

As a large number of our students commute to school by bicycle, taking advantage of the surrounding terrain, the Robotics Club is developing “electric bicycle kits” to help students with longer journeys (many students live more than 3 km from school).

The project, after its application in bicycles (this school year), intends, next year, to extend to a go-kart with pedals, which is part of the project “Reference School for Road Education”, in application in the School Grouping.

Data from the GALP website:

The Energy Up Award is a competition promoted by the Galp Foundation and Galp Solar, with the support of its institutional partners APA, ADENE, DGEGeDGE and aims to reward school projects in the areas of more efficient energy consumption or sustainable mobility.

This school year, we are once again inviting schools to address the topic of energy transition, implementing projects with an impact on society, within the scope of efficient energy consumption, and challenging their students to be an active part of this mission, so we will distinguish schools in Portugal (Mainland and Islands) that have invested in energy sustainability in the school community.

The Grand Prize will be the installation of solar panels up to 20.000€ in the winning school. A prize of €1,000 will also be awarded for the best project at each school level (1st CEB; 2nd/3rd CEB; Secondary/Professional Education).

Energy Up Prize (

2022 Award (GALP website and presentation video):

Energy Up Prize Winners (


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It will be on the 10th that 159 students from the Aver-o-Mar School Grouping will be on the stage of Garrett Cineteatro, for a night of recognition of merit.

The Porto Metropolitan Police Command Music Band will be responsible for the opening of the event completely overcrowded which will be marked by the delivery of individual and collective awards, in a total of nearly two hundred diplomas, of the four categories of the Merit and Excellence Board of School : School Excellence Award, Overcoming Difficulties Award, Solidarity and Citizenship Award and Competition Award.


The Police Music Band, which for the first time performs here, will return to Póvoa de Varzim on the 13th of June, for the Grouping’s Multicultural Festival. It was founded in the year 1936, working at first as a Charanga, having performed its first public concert in the Crystal Palace – Porto, in 1940. In the beginning, it was also intended to collaborate in the raising and hoisting of the National Flag, in the Porto Command Building, on Sundays and Holidays and, daily, in the changing of the Guard.


Afterwards, it also took part in several festivities, from the north to the south of the country, in a partnership with its partners, from the GNR-Porto Band to the most important Philharmonic Bands of the time, and took part in several musical contests, having even travelled to Spain where, in 2002, it took part in the Music Bands Festival of Boqueixón.


Nowadays, the Band has 30 elements and ensures the musical framework in solemn police acts and the execution of concerts or other musical interventions of cultural nature. It works together with the local communities it regularly serves, namely in didactic concerts in Schools and Kindergartens.


Since its foundation it has been conducted by illustrious conductors, such as: – Police Station Chief João da Costa Baltazar, Police Station Chief José Alves Gomes, Lieutenant Hipólito Antunes Gomes, Deputy Chief Assistant Sebastião Ferreira, Captain Carlos Soares de Oliveira, Major José de Oliveira Rebelo, Captain José Custódio Gonçalves, Deputy Sergeant Manuel de Abreu Neto and, nowadays, by the Head Chief Albino José Maia Teixeira”.

Strike on 24 April – NOTICE

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Due to a possible strike on the 24th April (Monday), called by FESINAP (National Federation of Independent Trade Unions of the Public Administration and Public Purpose Entities), the procedures to be followed in the different schools of this Grouping are disclosed below:

2nd and 3rd Cycles: EB of Aver-o-Mar (Head School)

In the light of the known circumstances, the School may not have the necessary means to function normally, so it will be important to ensure the meal service (in a guaranteed way).

To avoid wasting meals, and if the school does not gather the necessary conditions for normal functioning, and as recommended by the Ministry, the meals orders for Monday will be cancelled at 8.00 am. Students interested in having lunch at the school should book their tickets on the same day, from 8.30 am until 10.15 am, either at the school or via internet through the SIGE portal. Exceptionally there will be no charge.

1st Cycle and Kindergarten

Due to the known circumstances, it may happen that the kindergarten/school does not gather the necessary means to function. As such, and exceptionally on this day, the guardians can only leave their children at school at 9:00 am, confirming at the gate if all conditions for the proper functioning of the school are gathered. In schools with kindergarten that have AAAF (Family Support and Leisure Activities), parents or guardians may only leave their children at the usual time if the conditions for its operation are complied with. In schools with CAF, parents must contact the school at 9am to check if the school is operating normally. If the Kindergarten/School does not fulfil the necessary conditions for its functioning, the children/students will have to be picked up.

 Students with Special Transport (Unit – CAA)

 As an exception, on this day, the transport company can only leave the students at school after checking if it (meaning the Unit) will work. If it does not comply with the conditions for operation, the company will take the students back home. Each parent should consider this possibility and discuss/arrange with the driver what time they expect to return home, if the unit does not work.