Grand Final of the Writing Olympics

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As part of the “Escola da Minha Vida” Project, Aver-o-Mar School took part in the Grand Final of the Writing Olympics, at the Diana Bar Library in Póvoa de Varzim, with 159 students from the county’s elementary and secondary schools.

The session began with a greeting from the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Education, Dr Luís Diamantino, who praised the interest and commitment shown over the years by the students and teachers.

The visiting writer, Tiago Salazar, was introduced by Dr Luís Diamantino. Tiago Salazar, a writer and journalist, shared with the audience his experience of literary tuk tuk journeys in Lisbon and set the tone for the task that the students would undertake.Starting with his first book “Sentimental Journeys” (2007), in which he describes one of the longest journeys he has ever made, to one of the most inhospitable areas in the world, Siberia, something really strange happened to him in the middle of the journey: he missed his train! However, he was helped by a taxi driver who, with communication difficulties, took him to the Mongolian border. The students were challenged to create a piece of prose or poetry for the competition.

After this stage, the works will be judged by a jury made up of a teacher representing each school and a guest from the municipality. The students from Aver-o-Mar Primary School have won prizes over the years. This year they have worked to ensure that they can be selected among the best in each class and category.


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DROPI returned to Fieiro Elementary School and shared many adventures with the 2nd grade class for two and a half months. There were 10 weekly meetings full of emotion and sharing. The students’ evaluation was very positive and full of empowerment. They learnt that friendships are important, that love changes and that loyalty is a unique value that cuts across contexts.

On 30th January 2024, the diplomas were handed out, marking yet another milestone in the life of our blue wallaby.

DROPI has missed Fieiro Elementary School, but now he’s been given another mission! He’ll be at Navais Elementary School for the second graders, teaching emotions!

The DROPI socio-emotional programme was created by the Unificar Association and has been in the school since 2018. Its general aim is to promote socio-emotional competences, improve interpersonal relationships and learn to look at oneself and others.

Thank you DROPI!

Thank you Teacher Catarina Ferreira ( 2nd grade class FES)!

Andreia Teixeira

Social worker and DROPI multiplier agent

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Luís Vaz de Camões

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With the start of another new calendar year, the month of January brings us a new cycle of events that mark the genius of some of the most illustrious figures in Portuguese literature.

We are referring, of course, to the 500th anniversary of the birth of the greatest Portuguese poet of all time… Luís Vaz de Camões.

As part of the 5th centenary of the birth of the man who became famous as the “Prince of the poets of his time… He lived poorly and thus died miserably”, the Aver-o-Mar School Group was keen to honour and celebrate this milestone.

On the 17th of this month, in the auditorium of the main school of the Aver-o-Mar School Group, students from the 9th grade classes were honoured with a celebration of the 5th centenary of the birth of Camões.

The activity, called “Celebrating Camões”, was recreated with the magic and charm of two guests: Professor António Sousa – a reciter – and musician Carlos Carneiro, who transported everyone to the Renaissance.

Through the staging recreated by the lead teachers and with the collaboration of some of the school’s students, it was possible to travel back to the time of Camões, watching the exquisite recitation of some of his poems, passionately accompanied by a guitar virtuoso who, cuddled up to his guitar, let his fingers run carelessly over the strings as if it were a caress.

It was with our students’ faces beaming with joy, emotion and satisfaction that we left this note as yet another glorious way of praising and celebrating the man who left the most brilliant legacy in Portuguese literature: “For such a long love, such a short life”.

POSITIVE PARENTING: Fieiro Primary School

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The new year began with POSITIVE PARENTING training for the parents/guardians of Fieiro Primary School, Aguçadoura, an initiative organised by the social worker of the Aver-o-Mar School Group, in collaboration with the class teachers.

Over the course of four weeks, they reflected on positive parenting, rules and limits, the language of affection, family-school relationships and themes of parental empowerment.

On 6 February 2024, the diplomas for participation and evaluation of the sessions were handed out.

It was unanimously agreed that this type of action is very important in schools, in promoting parenting skills and establishing a better relationship between family and school.

Thanks to the parents of EB Fieiro for their presence and active participation!

Thanks to the teachers for their co-operation.

Together (family and school) we are stronger!

Andreia Teixeira

School Social Worker


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The equipment, entirely designed and built at the school, using only inconspicuous components and additive manufacturing, is based on 1.75mm ABS polymer, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 100ºC, capable of withstanding rain, strong winds, intense UV radiation and considerable chemical resistance (the only known common solvent is acetone). With a size of 15cm by 13cm, it has a “collection vessel” measuring 15.5cm x 9.5cm.

The way it works is simple: water flows from the collection vessel through a hole into the triangular weighbridge, divided into 2 right-angled triangles, the filling of which causes the weighbridge to oscillate and thus alter the magnetic field, using a neodymium magnet, which in turn is read by a hall effect sensor, thus calculating the amount of water per time lapse using a table, which makes it possible to arrive at the rainfall value.

It has a maximum accuracy of 0.173mm, and the entire structure is made of ABS, installed on an acrylic base, supported by two aluminium L-shaped profiles, all joined together with M4 threaded shafts, cut to size for the project. The entire project was designed in-house using TinkerCad and FreeCad (free tools) and all the components are standard.

Care was taken to use only simple, very low-cost electronic components, with the only electronic component being a hall effect sensor, from which 3 conductive wires emerge, which are exposed by a single-position molex plug.

The work was carried out by students from 5th to 8th grade. The project began when the students, who are now in 5th grade, were in 4th grade at the Navais Primary School.

A total of ten 4th year students, who have since moved up to 5th year, two 5th year students, one 6th year student, three 7th year students and four 8th year students were involved in this research, development, technical design and engineering project, under the supervision of two maths and science teachers, in conjunction with the Robotics Club.

The equipment will soon be fully operational and, once it has been calibrated and tested, it will be connected to the weather station at the main school, whose data can already be accessed on the Weather Station Personal Dashboard | Weather Underground (

We’ll have more surprises on 1st March!

Safer Internet Day: Together for a Better Internet

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2024 saw the 21st edition of Safer Internet Day. Under the motto “Together for a Better Internet”, Safer Internet Day is “an annual awareness-raising campaign that brings together stakeholders from the public and private sectors in as many countries as possible to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, particularly among children and young people” (source: Safer Internet Centre). On 8th February, Aver-o-Mar School Group, together with Raiz Editora, took part in this initiative, promoting the “Safe Internet” Olympics in the ICT classes of the classes of: 6thA; 6thD; 7thA; 7thD; 7thE; 7thF and 9thC.

The Raiz Editora representative, Professor Renato Moreira, organised this entertaining activity, encouraging all the classes to work as a team and share knowledge in a funny way. The students were committed to overcoming the proposed challenges, showing some knowledge of the subject, but also ignorance of some of the dangers of using the Internet.

The activity was an opportunity for the students to reflect on the importance of promoting responsible online practices and keeping the Internet a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Collaborative writing project “A várias mãos” draws students from the Aver-o-Mar School to its 8th Editions

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Within the scope of the local collaborative writing project “A Vários Mãos”, an endeavour of Póvoa de Varzim’s librarian teachers, a lecture was held in the auditorium of the Aver-o-Mar  School on the theme “The city – a permanent challenge…in the past and in the present”. The event was attended by Póvoa de Varzim City Council’s Councillor for Culture, Dr Luís Diamantino.

The motivational session was held to prepare the 5th D, 5th E, 6th C and 6th E classes to represent the school in this important collaborative writing project, which involves all the pupils from the municipality’s schools, and which has already been launched in 8 editions.

During the presentation, Dr Diamantino shared images of Póvoa de Varzim from the past and present, providing an interesting insight into the city's evolution over time. This visual journey was not only educational, but also inspiring for the students, who were able to glimpse the historical and cultural richness of their own community

Let’s bring the Theatre to School: “John and the Enchanted Forest” and “Once Upon a Time”

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On Thursday 11th January, the 4th and 6th graders at Aver-o-Mar School had a truly special experience by watching bilingual theatre plays. The school atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and fun during the performances of “John and the Enchanted Forest” and “Once Upon a Time”.

The students were carried away to magical and fairytale worlds, offering not only entertainment, but also a valuable opportunity to test and enhance their English skills.

The actors not only engaged the students with enthralling stories, but also challenged them to understand and interact in English.

This language plunge in a playful environment encouraged language learning in a natural and exciting way.

The teachers, Bárbara Garcia and Isabel Miranda, want to demonstrate how important these activities are, as they believe that providing cultural and linguistic experiences from an early age is fundamental for the integral development of the students and that the bilingual plays not only stimulate interest in English, but also promote creative expression and intercultural understanding.

The delighted looks and the enthusiastic clapping at the end showed just how much fun it was to watch the plays. Everyone in the audience absorbed not only the stories, but also the contagious joy of experiencing theatre in such an engaging way. This day will certainly leave lasting memories of laughter and fun in every student’s heart.


The teachers,

Bárbara and Isabel

CAD –  Voice of the Environment: Curricular Autonomy Domains

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By the end of the first term, the 8th grade students of A Class took up the challenge set by the CAD – The Voice of the Environment – to raise awareness among the school community about adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

Bearing this in mind, and within the scope of different subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, Natural Sciences and English, and in partnership with the Eco Schools, the Live Science Club and the Media Club, the students put together a video with a message for you.

Watch and listen carefully, because the environment is a compulsory subject at our school!

Portuguese Singers Fernando Tordo and Paulo de Carvalho get to know the Aver-o-Mar school project

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The schedule for the 24 January António Sérgio 23 Cooperative Awards ceremony is known.

It is to be held in Lisbon, at the “Casa do Operário”, and with the presence of the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho. The ceremony will begin with a concert by Fernando Tordo and Paulo de Carvalho, who will have the opportunity to get to know the “Ala-Arriba” project, by the Aver-o-Mar School Group, winner of the “School Work” Class.

The School Group will be represented by the Headmaster, Carlos Gomes de Sá, and Andreia Teixeira, Social Worker, who were also present at the 2021 edition, when the “Aver-o-Mundo” project was awarded.