8th Grade students from class E work on body self-confidence to enhance self-esteem

In an endeavour to fight the challenges faced by teenagers regarding body self-esteem and self-confidence, 8thE students took an active role by becoming promoters of body enhancement and self-acceptance. Thus, on May 25th, in the school canteen, the 8thE handed out, in the shape of paper rolls, an essential nourishing nutrient, self-esteem. The dessert of that day consisted of the reading of a motivational phrase and self-worth. The reaction of some students was rewarding. Some exclaimed “I really needed this!” and many cheered the idea.

This initiative came from the work developed in the Personal Development Workshop. For weeks, students participated in practical workshops where they had the opportunity to explore beauty standards, the pressure society places on appearance, the importance of self-love and ways of promoting self-confidence regarding physical appearance. There was space to share inspiring stories of self acceptance and overcoming. Students were encouraged to express their thoughts, concerns and opinions on the topic. This exchange of ideas allowed young people to feel heard and understood, while also learning to value the diversity of bodies and the importance of not comparing themselves to the unrealistic standards advertised by the media.

The class felt it was important for this theme to go beyond the walls of the ODP room.

This initiative aims to help teenagers develop a positive body image, fighting the stigmas and unrealistic standards often imposed by society. No one said growing up is easy, but school can help!

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